Teresa Johnson

WOW! The past two years have been exceedingly difficult for so many reasons. In addition to the struggles we all faced with COVID-19, in May...

Sara Bryan

My husband, Don, became involved with PPLSI through his friendship with the Charles Anderson and Associates law firm. He was convinced that...

Kennedy & Linda Masoli

We are thankful to our Lord and Savior that PPLSI came into our lives. We were both busy working parents, raising our four young children...

Senator Daryl & Myoushi Jones

Myoushi and I met in the Philippines at Clark Air Base. I was an F-4 Phantom II fighter pilot, and she was a college student who transferred...

Rocco & Alexandra Sileo

The PPLSI business opportunity has allowed us to have the most precious, valuable and important advantage any parent could ask for. That is...

Gordon & Delores Darrah

Gordon and Delores Darrah have been PPLSI Associates since 1982. “I was interested in making a change from my career,” Gordon remembers. “A...

Dr. Judy & Bill Smith

We have been blessed with 34 wonderful grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren, with possibly more on the way that we don’t know about yet...

Christine & Pat Manning

Christine and Pat Manning have led extraordinary lives; Christine as an actress, model, drama/dance teacher and private investigator, and...

Gloria & Ray Wilson

Ray’s background is 30 years in retail management, and my background is in city government. I spent the last five years working as a...

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