Eddie & Melissa Peters

We turned a moment into a movement! Melissa and I met and married after our military careers in the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force. Melissa...

Karen Lemire

“We thank God every day for bringing PPLSI into our lives. We are so blessed to have met each other because of this business. We are so...

Jeremy & Stephanie Moore

Jeremy Moore began marketing LegalShield Memberships in March 1999, after he completed his duty in the U.S. Army. He then achieved the...

William & Jackie Walker

We were introduced to PPLSI by a friend in August 1998. We were able to use the service right away to settle a property dispute and realized...

Randy & Patricia Moore

Like our founder, Harland Stonecipher, it was a car accident that led Randy Moore to this incredible opportunity. While working with the...

Terry Fitch

In 1995, I left my job as vice president of a publicly traded company to work for myself. After building and selling multiple businesses, I...

Rich Ellerman

Why did I do it? Why start a direct sales business? I’m a U.S. Marine (1987-1991), law enforcement focus, and I spent more than 23 years in...

Miguel C. Rodriguez

PPLSI actually changed my life, because not only do I have my own business, but I also invest as much time as I want and need.

I am a full...

Mark & Arronda Johnson

PPLSI gives us the ability to make a decision without having to worry about the cost. We have experienced so much since the time we started...

Kevin & Linda Torres

After 20 years flying with the U.S. Air Force, Kevin retired as a Major. He started another career with a Fortune 500 company in...

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