Don & Ellen Wilson

We had dreams of owning our own companies. I had always been very successful at making other people a lot of money. Oh, I got the jacket...

Sara Bryan

My husband, Don, became involved with PPLSI through his friendship with the Charles Anderson and Associates law firm. He was convinced that...

Pat & Larry Moore

Pat has been a business executive in human resources and information technology. She currently serves on the Board of the Shenandoah Chamber...

Teresa M. Burgess

If you want to know my “why,” just check out my picture. I am a single mother whom God blessed with four incredible children. My faith in...

Ruth Anderson

I learned about PPLSI as I was listening to a presentation given to my son, and I was impressed with the services offered. I purchased both...

Rocco & Alexandra Sileo

The PPLSI business opportunity has allowed us to have the most precious, valuable and important advantage any parent could ask for. That is...

John & Laura Millen

It’s hard to imagine we started with PPLSI in 2001. I call myself a “recovering CPA,” and John is now a “recovering corporate executive”...

Gus Searcy

Gus Searcy has an interesting and varied background. At age 16, his parents signed over Power of Attorney to him as an adult so he could...

Judy Taylor

Before PPLSI, I sometimes had to work 70 hours a week. I took “STAYcations” from work just to get some rest. When I was introduced to PPLSI...

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