Waters Rhone

In my 27th year with PPLSI, I remain humbled by the success I’ve had since 1995. When I started, PPLSI had only been licensed in Texas for...

Terry Solimeo

Before joining PPLSI in 1998, Terry worked in corporate America at a major entertainment studio, and she was a single parent of two children...

Shantilata Stone

My background is in the entertainment industry as an actor and musician, as well as a project manager in Corporate America. I got involved...

Gus Searcy

Gus Searcy has an interesting and varied background. At age 16, his parents signed over Power of Attorney to him as an adult so he could...

Christine & Pat Manning

Christine and Pat Manning have led extraordinary lives; Christine as an actress, model, drama/dance teacher and private investigator, and...

Keith & Emilia Wann

Before PPLSI, we were sign language interpreters. We worked for five different agencies that told us where to go and for how long. We were...

Kandra King

My husband, Jack, and I overheard an associate, Dave Largent, “exposing” a friend of ours to the business. He didn’t share the business with...

Joslynn Brown

“God destined you to do great things!” My mother would always tell me that. After she passed away without a Will, I was in the system and...

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