Nick & Gayle Serba

It was March 1, 1993, when Gayle and Nick Serba made what they now recognize as one of their life’s most important decisions. On that day...

Jason & Kacy Lavender

I have heard it said that time flies when you are having fun. That definitely rings true after joining this company back in 2003! We are...

Christa G. Aufdemberg

I always knew I wanted to set my own hours and have the ability to determine my own income while building something for my future. PPLSI was...

Ann M. Palmer

For many years, I worked as an executive assistant in manufacturing, private colleges, real estate and insurance. The diverse experience I...

Ron & Kathy Rehberg

I knew there was more than working for someone else. In my late 20s, someone approached me about selling insurance. I laughed. I was not a...

Rhonda Gibson

As a single mom, I have encountered my share of struggles. Two months after my divorce, I lost my job with a Fortune 500 company. Going from...

Patrick & Millie Gibbs

We have been with PPLSI since December 2003. When our journey began, we had careers in real estate, insurance and nursing.

We realized that...

Lloyd Tosser III

I began my journey with PPLSI in February 1997. My insurance agency marketed health insurance to small business owners. We were doing very...

Kevin & Cecilia Dunn

When we saw PPLSI for the first time, I was an insurance agent and Cecilia taught elementary school. Cecilia has a passion for helping...

Cleve & Dulcie Pickens

I first came into PPLSI in April 1985, right after retiring from the U.S. Army. I didn’t have a lot of money and was looking for something...

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