Jason & Kacy Lavender

I have heard it said that time flies when you are having fun. That definitely rings true after joining this company back in 2003! We are...

Frank & Theresa AuCoin

As a special education teacher, Theresa loved teaching. But even with her master’s degree, the income left a lot to be desired, especially...

Don & Angela Thompson

After graduating from college, we knew that being employees was not for us. We immediately started our first business, a retail store in...

Bert Calhoun & Fatima Salaam

Bertram Calhoun’s PPLSI journey began about 22 years ago. He spent more than five years as a civil engineer and had a rewarding career, but...

Ann M. Palmer

For many years, I worked as an executive assistant in manufacturing, private colleges, real estate and insurance. The diverse experience I...

Winnie Chau

Hello, everyone. I’m Winnie Chau from Vancouver, Canada. Today, I’m very excited to share my story. Before I joined PPLSI, I used to work as...

Nick & Kara Goodwin

When we started our journey with PPLSI in 2015, we had no idea what we were getting into. The problem weighing on our shoulders was lifted...

Nancy Chaconas

As an educator since 1975, I have taught in public schools, earned a master’s degree, ran an adult literacy program, facilitated personal...

Lynne Hardin

Lynne has always possessed an entrepreneur’s spirit. After high school and college, her first job was working for as an airline hostess...

Kevin & Cecilia Dunn

When we saw PPLSI for the first time, I was an insurance agent and Cecilia taught elementary school. Cecilia has a passion for helping...

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