Profiles of Success

Sara Bryan
Banking/Finance, Executive, Government


My husband, Don, became involved with PPLSI through his friendship with the Charles Anderson and Associates law firm. He was convinced that PPLSI was the right opportunity for him, and he believed everyone needed the services.

Don’s career before PPLSI was as Chief of Staff for the Governor of Alabama and as President and CEO of a bank. He worked many hours each day — sometimes as much as 12 to 16 — five or six days each week. He then became a PPLSI Associate. He would say that he could work “at his leisure,” but he put many hours into making his business successful. Don was legally blind, so it became my job to drive him to appointments all over Alabama and to other states. We made friends with many great people and enjoyed several trips before Don was unable to travel.

After Don’s death in May 2014, I began taking up where Don left off. With the help of our downline as well as that of other associates, I have continued working PPLSI. I had been through group training with Jimmy Parish several years ago, but I decided that I needed that again, so I attended his group training once more. Now I feel more confident in presenting this plan to existing groups, and I certainly hope to keep building group accounts.

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