Larry & Doni Smith

Doni and I both came from corporate backgrounds and both found ourselves unemployed after years of hard work. We realized that when you’re...

Randolph & Rita Beasley

Our PPLSI success has reminded me of many things. Most importantly it has reminded me as a Christian that when (not if) a crisis strikes you...

Carmenza Hoyos & Rogelio Hurtado

We are from Colombia, South America. We are business owners and residents of North Carolina. My whole life I have worked in many career...

Clarence Maney

YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO GET PAID DAILY FROM HOME! That’s what the flier said that I responded to back in August 2004, as a phone company...

Austen C. Powell

I was introduced to this business by another associate who was offering LegalShield as a voluntary employee benefit to businesses. PPLSI is...

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