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CAROLINAS MULTISERVICIO LATINA (Carmenza Hoyos & Rogelio Hurtado)
Accounting, Business Owner, Childcare, Food/Beverage, Insurance, Retail


We are from Colombia, South America. We are business owners and residents of North Carolina. My whole life I have worked in many career fields — from managing an accounting department in my home country of Colombia, to coming to America and opening a child-care facility, to owning and operating my own insurance agency for over 20 years.

My husband comes from humble beginnings of selling ice cream at a small shop in Manizales and selling sodas on the beach during his first summer in the U.S. He worked for the same retail company for the past 20 years as me.

With all that experience, when we found PPLSI, we knew this company was special. It provides us stability and allows us to sell a product we are passionate about because protecting families is our main goal, and I feel that the work we put in now will give us lifetime rewards.

As my husband’s retirement approached, and before PPLSI came into our lives, we were APPALLED imagining our future: Roger staying home alone with nothing important to do and me still working. Our motivation started in March 2019, when we attended our very first convention, where we learned that we could reach our financial goals at the same time and take the word RETIREMENT out of our minds. Now, as a team, our mission is to teach others the PPLSI pathway in order to achieve their financial aspirations and to help our Hispanic community to prosper by sharing the good news, all while we enjoy life together.

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