Barry J. Olfern

I want to start by “thanking” everyone at the Home Office, as you make my life in the field so much easier. Our product is best in class...

Ulysses & Lynnette Brown Jr.

PPLSI immediately became a my complete focus when I signed up. My wife joined me two years later, and after she came on board, we acquired...

Teresa M. Burgess

If you want to know my “why,” just check out my picture. I am a single mother whom God blessed with four incredible children. My faith in...

Ken & Chris Roebuck

Ken is a decorated, retired warrant officer of the U.S. Navy who’s always been laser focused on his vision to become a business owner. His...

Diane Clines

When my husband, Nephus, died in January 1998, I was left with two teenagers, Reginald and Tiffany, to raise by myself. But because of PPLSI...

Ted & Olga Burke

Before we were introduced to PPLSI, Ted was in law enforcement, and I was a bank auditor. My corporate career required me to work 10 to 12...

Tanya Mackey

Hello, welcome to flight #2022. We are prepared to take off into the New Year. Please make sure your attitude and blessings are secured and...

Patti Stoltz

Prior to PPLSI, I was working in international banking. Then I worked as a flight attendant. My husband, Randy, and I were lucky to get one...

Kevin Palache

Always keep an open mind! Although I was initially very skeptical, I decided to take a serious look at PPLSI. Thanks to this membership, my...

Gordon & Delores Darrah

Gordon and Delores Darrah have been PPLSI Associates since 1982. “I was interested in making a change from my career,” Gordon remembers. “A...

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