John & Elizabeth Gardner

What would be possible for you if you weren’t required to ask yourself “OR”? A successful career OR time with your family? Fulfilling your...

Kimberly Ferris

I am a lawyer specializing in corporate litigation. I was in-house counsel with a Fortune 500 company. That company went bankrupt in 2002...

Winnie Chau

Hello, everyone. I’m Winnie Chau from Vancouver, Canada. Today, I’m very excited to share my story. Before I joined PPLSI, I used to work as...

Nick & Kara Goodwin

When we started our journey with PPLSI in 2015, we had no idea what we were getting into. The problem weighing on our shoulders was lifted...

Miriam Simelton Anderson

I’m blessed! Before the PPLSI opportunity was introduced to me, I worked as a nurse, a non-attorney Social Security representative, a...

Mark & Tara Jones

I was introduced to PPLSI four years before I actually joined. I was not a fan of network marketing. But when I finally, reluctantly looked...

Laura Barker

Growth — personal and professional. That is what PPLSI means to me. I became aware of PPLSI for the first time in 2014. As an attorney, I...

Tiffany Sullivan

As a 14-year practicing attorney, the greatest struggle I faced was trying to assist people who have true legal needs but little or no...

D'Ann & Todd DaBell

I started with PPLSI years ago when I was working as a court reporter and owned a court reporting firm. Really, I was just a machine with no...

Susan Marie & Curtis Almquist

Susan Marie and Curtis believe it is an honor to be PPLSI Associates! And they also believe in they are “making a living while making a...

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