Brian & Melissa Carruthers

I was 27 years old and rolling in my real estate career, making money and on top of my game. I thought I had life’s answers and was...

Aaron Browning

I am a real estate agent by trade and ran a successful team in Northern Virginia. I was working hard, more than 60 hours a week, which meant...

Randy & Patricia Moore

Like our founder, Harland Stonecipher, it was a car accident that led Randy Moore to this incredible opportunity. While working with the...

Ann M. Palmer

For many years, I worked as an executive assistant in manufacturing, private colleges, real estate and insurance. The diverse experience I...

Paula Granger

I am a single mom to the most incredible young man, whom I met when he was four years old. That’s when he became my foster son. We adopted...

Patrick & Millie Gibbs

We have been with PPLSI since December 2003. When our journey began, we had careers in real estate, insurance and nursing.

We realized that...

Tracy Katz

I was born in Detroit and live in Birmingham, Michigan. I have a son, Logan, and have been a single mother his whole life. Before PPLSI, I...

Jenifer McClafferty

In 2009, I had a successful real estate career as a top producer, and I owned a real estate firm and mortgage company. But I had zero time...

Willie & Sheryll Muhammad

First and foremost, I would like to thank God for all the blessings He has bestowed on me and my family. Secondly, I would like to thank my...

The Samaniego Family

Prior to PPLSI, Emilee and I were busy being parents and entrepreneurs! I was working 14-hour days, six days a week in the mortgage and real...

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