Rich Ellerman

Why did I do it? Why start a direct sales business? I’m a U.S. Marine (1987-1991), law enforcement focus, and I spent more than 23 years in...

R. Frank Shaw

For 15 years, I had a corporate job that was rewarding and offered a regular income. My job consumed my time and thoughts beyond the 60...

Nathan D. & Zena Williams

I was working for a shipping company in logistics and my wife, Zena, was a tax preparer when we were introduced to the PPLSI services and...

Mark E. Sullivan

When my soon-to-be sponsor asked my advice about marketing for his legal business, I had no idea what was about to happen. After he...

Mark & Arronda Johnson

PPLSI gives us the ability to make a decision without having to worry about the cost. We have experienced so much since the time we started...

Lynne Hardin

Lynne has always possessed an entrepreneur’s spirit. After high school and college, her first job was working for as an airline hostess...

Kevin & Nancy Montville

Our backgrounds are of the blue-collar world, very busy working and managing construction and restaurant businesses. PPLSI has enabled us to...

Kevin & Nakia Mack

Our family is forever grateful to Carlo Brown for walking into our retail clothing store and sharing with us this non-traditional business...

Brenda Anderson

I have been with PPLSI since April 1997. Prior to that, my background consisted of clerical work, sales, and management. I was tired of...

Brad & Moira Roberts

When LegalShield was first introduced to me, I admit that I was skeptical, yet I saw the value in the service, and I joined as a member. I...

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