Tony & Tonya Petrill

We started our PPLSI journey in 1998 when we attended a business briefing and saw the incredible opportunity before us. We decided right...

Ross & Cindy Chantrel

Before PPLSI, Ross was in the car business for more than 17 years, working too many hours. Cindy ran a promotional business for 15 years and...

Al & Shirley Lewis

I started my first business venture — a limousine company — in the 1990s. Within three years, my business grew to about 25 employees and 15...

William Carlos & Sheila Byrd

Before PPLSI, I worked for an automaker corporation and my wife worked in healthcare. Because of our jobs, we didn’t have much time to enjoy...

Rick & Jamie Swindle

Before finding this business opportunity, I was an automotive technician with an automaker for 13 years before deciding to work for myself...

Raymond Hooker

I was introduced to PPLSI in 2008. I had worked in an automotive business for 35 years, then owned it for 18 years after my dad’s retirement...

Martha & Wesley Doss

My name is Martha Doss, and I live in the great state of Texas in a small town of San Marcos. I have an amazing husband who is a sheriff’s...

Dave & Wendy Hall

Before PPLSI, I found myself working as the courtesy technician at an automotive service chain, vacuuming car mats and checking tire...

David Guidroz

In January 2002, I moved to Mobile, Alabama, to work as a windshield repair technician at a car wash. I did very well in the windshield...

Murry Fischer

In early 1996, Blair Preston knocked on the door of my finance business and introduced me to the services of this company. I told him that I...

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