Mikal & Christa Mekki

“Anyone can start, but to have success we must learn to work our plan until we FINISH our goals.” This is the thought that drove me when I...

Lolita Harrison

PPLSI has truly been a blessing and a godsend to me and my family. When it was first introduced to me, I had a serious need for the...

Lewis & Rwanda Wynder

In 2002, we were introduced to PPLSI by a highly respected friend and previous network marketing business partner, Ms. Angie Collins. At the...

Larry & Kay Gregory

Prior to PPLSI, I spent 30 years as a PGA golf professional, winning more than 30 tournaments in the Carolina’s Professional Golf...

Jan M. Tinder

It is hard for me to believe that 2022 is here! I started in PPLSI 23 years ago just for supplemental income since I had three daughters...

Eddie & Janelle Cobbinah

Prior to joining PPLSI, I was a student athlete at Stony Brook University. My wife was a medical technician. As a student athlete working...

Herman Davis & Temeka Davis

My business partner, Temeka, and I saw this opportunity as a way to provide more for our children. Prior to PPLSI, my background was in law...

Gaynelle & Salem Stanley

For me and my husband, Salem, PPLSI was and will continue to be an “answered prayer.” My very good friends Richard and Marty Harmon came to...

Eliza & Jeremias Amoguis

Having peace of mind for my family and me is already the greatest gift we can have as parents of three. Prior to PPLSI, I got involved in...

Dr. TJ Citta

I was introduced to LegalShield in 2012, as a service to assist me while raising my daughters. As a physician specializing in physical...

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