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PPLSI came back into my life at the right time. My background is human resources and corporate America. I spent long days at the office and longer nights on my laptop finishing up work. When that did not work, I went back to school to get another degree, only to be passed up for the promotion I was promised when I finished my degree. I was making a great income, but I was miserable. I felt trapped as a single mother of two, but I had no choice at the time but to keep going. PPLSI entered my life at the right time because I wanted a different opportunity, but I did not know how. PPLSI provided me with a financial opportunity that was unlike anything I’d done before. PPLSI is that beacon of light for me and my family. Now, I’ve not only earned enough to get my college debt paid off, but I am also looking to pay off all my debts this year. Since partnering up with PPLSI, I’ve earned an all-expenses paid trip to Mexico along with many other incentives my job doesn’t offer. What PPLSI means to me is options. I get to create the life I want to live instead of what someone else has for me. In the next year, I plan to help a lot more people create the lives they want to live.

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