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In 1999, the Viettes were broke and financially devastated, when a private company Scott worked for went bankrupt. “What is incredible about the PPLSI opportunity is that starting from scratch, we were able to build a steady business within our first three years — with little investment other than a good work ethic,” say Scott and Kathy Viette. The Viettes focus primarily on group sales. “I’d like to say the reason we’re successful is solely because we work hard. But the truth is hard work alone doesn’t always guarantee success. We’ve seen people work hard with so many companies that were so-called ‘opportunities,’ putting in time, effort and money, only to come out on the losing side.” The secret to success is making the right decision by selecting a company with a proven track record so that you don’t waste your time and effort going down the wrong path. After careful examination, PPLSI proved to be the financially sound company the Viettes were looking for.

The Viettes believe that PPLSI is providing cutting-edge products that virtually sell themselves, with flawless service and fantastic company support. “The company does everything to help us run our business. They handle processing, accounting, payroll, billing and receiving, banking, product fulfillment and training. Now, we are in control of our lives, instead of life controlling us. Our life has dramatically improved. We have the time to enjoy our family, friends, church and community.”

The Viettes have personally sold thousands of memberships. “It’s hard to believe that when we started with PPLSI, we were broke, bankrupt and renting, and now we are Millionaire Club Members. We are able to support our family, children, church and more than five charities. The decision to work with PPLSI has been the best decision of our lives! Believe us when we say, if we can do it, so can you! Our only regret is that we did not find this company sooner.”

This year, the Viettes’ 27-year-old daughter, Tiffany, who has grown up with PPLSI, was able to earn “secondary” income. They are also excited that she earned the Performance Club bonus every month, which pays for her car! Scott says, “We would like to thank Kathy Pinson, the Business Solutions department, Glenn Petersen, Ted Vitalo, the Executive Director line and the entire Home Office staff for their hard work and efforts on our behalf and for all their incredible support. Additionally, we would like to thank Patrick and Julie Shaw, Brian, Jimmy Parrish, Ann Palmer, Deanne Foster, Rodney Swanson, D’Ann DaBell, Wil & Estrada Dadzie, Russell & Carol Peden, Derward Rollison, Rob Vest, Pete and Deanne Katsaros, Bill Stovall and the many ‘groupies’ with whom we work throughout the USA. Special thanks to Nelson Taylor, Executive Director and our newest Ring Earner, for his hard work, no excuse attitude, and setting the bar with his national achievements.”

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