Profiles of Success

Robin Lu


I moved to Canada as an immigrant around 2000. I was an electrical engineer in China, but I could not find a job as an engineer in Canada. I worked many different jobs, ranging from opening wineries to pest control. I was very busy and tired, but I could not stop since I needed the income to support my life in Canada. Three years ago, I joined PPLSI for the services, and I became an associate. I believe that the service is very unique with lots of potential. I was able to build a team, strengthening the legal consciousness for immigrants through events and information sessions. I am very proud of my team’s work and what I have gained as a result. I will continue to do my best to make a living through PPLSI while making a difference. I am growing my business with hard work and focus. Many thanks to PPLSI and my incredible team. My next goal is to help more immigrants to empower themselves with the membership and to start their own business with the PPLSI opportunity.

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