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I have a former background as a medical assistant. But now because of my PPLSI business, I have been able to pursue my passion for dancing and helping people live healthier lives while still having fun! I am currently a fitness instructor because of the time PPLSI gives me.

I joined PPLSI in 2004 under the leadership of my then soon-to-be husband, Kevin Mack. I started casually recruiting family and then friends via social media, forming a solid structure. The maturation of my business over the years lead to a 2019 decision to put more focus on building it to the $50,000 Ring and then catching that goal within 10 months of that decision. The next stop is the $100,000 Ring.

It’s really awesome to be experiencing the opportunity to physically work with my husband, who is a Millionaire Club Member, and now also work my very own PPLSI business.

My advice to everyone is to never allow your MIND to bully you into believing that you’re incapable of achieving any goals you desire! GO FOR IT!

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