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Today as I type this Profiles of Success update, I start my 28th year with PPLSI! Wow! What an amazing journey! It seems like yesterday when I spoke with my sponsor Michael Dorsey, for the very first time. That was in December of 1995. The company I was working for was going out of business world wide and I knew my job was coming to an end. At 44 years old I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.

So, I became a member when I started. Then 7 weeks later, in January of 1996, I had the first opportunity to use the membership. A jeweler was supposed to fix a ring of mine, but ruined it instead. He wouldn’t do anything about it. I called my provider law firm and an attorney called the jeweler on my behalf and I got a check for $2,152.32 to replace my ring and all I paid was my monthly membership cost. I realized that this one issue paid my membership cost for the next SEVEN years! I HAD to tell others about this service, so I became an associate! I watched Dave Savula do a LIVE EVENT and I was hooked!

My life was changing forever…in more ways than one! In 1999, I met Doni at the International Convention! Doni had also been downsized in her corporate job and found herself doing in-home day care to try and make ends meet. She jumped into PPLSI when she saw it and was fortunate to have the leadership of Million Dollar Ring Earners Nick and Gayle Serba! Doni built a very successful business when we were just friends. She was a Bronze Executive Director and did very well for herself. We became better friends, and got closer as time passed. We married in November of 2006. She has helped me to become a much better person and taught me a lot about this journey called LIFE! I’m so blessed to share it with her! Doni has also been an amazing business partner and a huge asset to our success in PPLSI!

Today, Doni and I reside on our 25 acre farm, in the very small town of Birthright, TX, population 40. We have three of our children and six of our grandchildren within 30 minutes of our farm. This is HEAVEN! Sundays are family days, and we love it when our kids and grandkids come out to the farm while G’ma does her favorite thing……COOKS!

Even in this small town, we still build and develop our PPLSI business! Our founder, Harland Stonecipher, always said “The Best is Yet to Come!” This is still true! Right now our business is going through explosive growth, even after 27 years in the company! We are still recruiting personally, and we applaud our Leaders and Team members for their commitment to success!

So as this story goes, in January of 1996, I wrote a $49 hot check to start my business. My first commission check for $62.50, literally kept my hot check from bouncing. I was inducted into the Inaugural Millionaire’s Club four and a half years after I started. Don’t ever believe you can’t do this! YOU CAN!

Special thanks to our corporate office staff for all they do for us! Our Corporate Leadership team is the best anywhere!

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