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Always keep an open mind! Although I was initially very skeptical, I decided to take a serious look at PPLSI. Thanks to this membership, my wife and I have saved thousands of dollars and have used the membership over 60 times for everything from getting our Wills prepared to help with consumer issues. When I started this business, I was working as a commercial mortgage analyst. My wife, Rochelle, has a background representing union workers and fighting for social justice in the community.

We are blessed with two incredible children, Abigail and Alex, who have added to our “why” for building our PPLSI business. Thanks to PPLSI, I have been able to work from home since 2005, and I can now travel without having to count how many vacation days I have left. Thanks to the Performance Club, we have earned several vacations, including an all-expenses paid trip for two to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas that we earned in 2005. That’s where I proposed to Rochelle. Because of the trips we’ve earned, we have also been to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Vallarta, Disney World and Cancun multiple times.

Rochelle continues to lead the fight against racial and economic inequities in our society, often using the training she has received in PPLSI to help advance a social justice agenda. Her faith continues to drive everything that she does, and her goal is to continuously fund and support ministries at our church.

This year, our PPLSI goal is to focus on developing Executive Directors and Ring Earners. Thank you, Team NuVision and Pinnacle Group for your incredible leadership.

Calendar your commitment! Whatever goals you are working towards make sure they are reflected in your calendar on a daily basis. Remember that the situations that you live in do not have to live in you. You have the ability to change your circumstances, and that change happens from the inside out. See you at Executive Director and the ring!

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