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Before PPLSI, I sometimes had to work 70 hours a week. I took “STAYcations” from work just to get some rest. When I was introduced to PPLSI, I was instantly drawn to the LegalShield Membership and began telling my family and coworkers about the service. I was already referring people, so becoming an associate was a no-brainer for me. Then, after 29 years in corporate America, my life changed. One year before I was eligible for a full retirement, the company I worked for was sold. I was out of a job. Just one month earlier, I closed on a home in order to move my parents in with me. I did not want to put them in a nursing home. I had no time for a pity party. I contacted my upline and started following the 10 Core Commitments. I was able to reach the Executive Director level, and today, thanks to PPLSI, their proven system and a wonderful team, I’ve been blessed to live life on my terms. I never have to worry about being downsized. I wish to thank Millionaire Club Members Al and Shirley Lewis for their unending support. Thanks to my Platinum, Mrs. Carol Smith, for her willingness to help whenever needed. A special thanks goes to Mrs. Mary Badger, who took over the team after I contracted COVID-19 and couldn’t work for several months, and to the Team Dynasty and Team Empowerment Family for making sure I remained PCPro and ED qualified. Thanks also to the Home Office staff and ED Line. To my BFF, Michelle Dawson, your friendship keeps me grounded. Lastly, all praise and honor to ALMIGHTY GOD who guides my steps and led me to this amazing company. Our time is now!

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