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It is hard for me to believe that 2022 is here! I started in PPLSI 23 years ago just for supplemental income since I had three daughters whom I was raising by myself.

I didn’t think I could take on any sort of business since I was a physical therapist. I was also an officer in the Air Force Reserves. We had soccer practice four nights a weeks and games on the weekends. I was truly overwhelmed, and I actually fell asleep at the wheel twice from sleep deprivation. I didn’t think I had any choices. But when I attended a conference, I found Mr. Stonecipher, our founder, to be quite remarkable and our cause quite noble. I was slow and steady, and then I gradually transitioned to make PPLSI my main focus with the mentoring and coaching of Jack Bufkin, Don Whigham and Mark Brown.

I put all three of my girls through college, and now they have families of their own. To me at this stage of my life, MEMORIES are more important than MONEY, but it takes money to be able to take time away to help my daughters in different ways, now with THEIR children, including two with special needs. I hope to be an active producer for over 50 years — YES, into my golden years! Every day, I am thankful for PPLSI.

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