Profiles of Success

Angie Collins
Food/Beverage, Management


It’s amazing to think that in 2002, I decided to take part in this life-altering opportunity. After maximizing several other companies’ compensation plans in the past, I was completely blown away with the earning potential offered by PPLSI. From the very beginning, I understood the opportunity; with that said, I was also very much aware that most people want to have success, but unfortunately, without a strong work ethic, that desire alone doesn’t achieve their goals. The challenge for me was to utilize my business management skills to increase recruitment, sales and earning potential for myself and my business partners.

I’d learned in prior years that managing an entrepreneurial drive with enthusiasm and focus differs from corporate America; in this line of work, you are dealing with a volunteer army that can quit at any time. My challenge was to help create a large enough incentive to stay, whereas if they decided not to continue building their book of business, it would be felt financially.

Building camaraderie early on was crucial to my organization’s long-term success. Laughing at your own mishaps when practicing your presentation typically makes the next presentation easier, knowing through our organized group trainings mistakes have happened to the best of us.

Realizing there would be far more individuals not interested than interested, I had to educate my organization on the mind-set of a leader. We’re not looking for everyone, but just a select few who are ready to make an impact in their own lives. As the saying goes, you can drag a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, so even though we are involved with one of the best companies in the field, it may not be that person’s time.

As I reflect over my tenure with this company and see the number of individuals over the years whom I, along with my organization, have impacted by sharing this opportunity, I see that lives have changed for the better. You don’t need or want everyone you approach, but the select few who are mentally ready and choose to get involved can be led to greatness.

I am proud to say that because of a decision I made years ago, this organization is responsible for helping so many households improve their financial situations. Together, my leaders and I have helped hundreds of individuals and their families earn the Executive Director level bringing home additional income for their households. It just goes to show the impact one person with determination, drive and a work ethic can have on the masses. I am fortunate to have surrounded myself with an incredible group of like-minded individuals. Together, we helped more than 20 families earn their rings with the simple philosophy of “each one teach one.”

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