Profiles of Success

Ace & Gina Fair
Business Owner, Corporate, Management, Sales


No cash! No contacts! No car! No problem! Because Ace Fair discovered PPLSI! At age 6, Ace set his sights on becoming an entrepreneur. At that time, his parents encouraged him to have a garage sale to get rid of the toys he no longer wanted. During his scouting days, he sold candy, gum and pop whenever he wanted to attend camp. His parents were the scout leaders, but his business did not prevent him from earning all his badges and eventually becoming an Eagle Scout. After graduating from college, Ace learned many lessons from corporate America and other home-based businesses. Though hours were long and income small, his journey prepared him for the ultimate PPLSI experience. His savings were limited, but Ace invested the amount required to become a PPLSI Associate. Determination helped him along the way. He took public transportation to trainings, appointments and networking events. Ace said, “I express a genuine interest in others and their concerns. These concerns nearly always have an underlying need for a LegalShield Membership. I share the PPLSI story, the need and the opportunity without pushing. Our team, A Noble Empire, is really poised for growth right along with the company. The past was good, the present is better and the future is even brighter.”

Ace’s wife, Gina, joined him in the business a while back before they got married. Gina’s background is in property management, sometimes managing as many as 700 units. She often worked 50 to 60 hours a week. Once, Ace witnessed her work for six months straight, with no days off! Ace explains, “I never wanted to see that happen again!” For several years Gina helped Ace as she could with the business. Now the couple is together all the time, working the business, traveling or just relaxing. As Gina is fond of saying, “We are full-time playmates, and we are looking to help more couples!”

Their vision for A Noble Empire is to guide each one into their divine opportunity. Their advice to anyone new — be loyal to the system and the process, keep your “why” close to your heart and don’t fall into the trap of comparing.

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